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Export Invoices to QuickBooks

Import and Export invoices in the field in a few taps. Easily push an invoice in QuickBooks in real-time with all the details of the job performedAdd an attachment to the invoice and get a full description of what the job is. You can also add custom fields to invoices seamlessly.

quickbooks connector for invoices

Sync your Customers

Connect to QuickBooks and import your customer list from scratch, which makes onboarding a new customer a breeze. We also import customer hierarchies; that is, customers in QuickBooks that have a sub-set of customers. We can easily import those, as well.

quickbooks connector for customers

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Add a product to an invoice in MobiWork and your QuickBooks inventory will update automatically. Note: this refers to on-hand inventory and not inventory management. MobiWork does handle inventory management, but QuickBooks does not.

quickbooks connector for inventory

Payment Terms

We also match the payment terms (Net 15, Net 30) and sales tax. You can import sales tax from your QuickBooks account to MobiWork. You can also create multiple sales tax rates depending on region, state, etc.

quickbooks connector for payment terms

Updated Vendor Information

Import or export all your vendor data in seconds and hassle-free so you have a better understanding of how much you owe and when your bill is due.

quickbooks connector for vendors

Expenses, Quotes, Services, and More

With the MobiWork QuickBooks connector you can sync parts, expenses, services, quotes, purchase orders and purchase order bills, sales orders, and everything in between.

quickbooks connector for parts, expenses, services, quotes, purchase orders, purchase order bills and sales orders.

Quick Setup and Implementation

You can easily connect with QuickBooks in just a few clicks without the need of any technical knowledge.

quickbooks online easily connects with MobiWork

An Advanced Integration

The connection is safe and secure because it is based on OAuth 2.0 technology. OAuth stands for Open Authorization, which allows the user to allow MobiWork to have access to your account without providing us with your password. This also means: 1. Convenience and safety. MobiWork gets a new token every hour (which is like changing your password frequently), without requiring you to sign in again; 2. More privacy and control. You, MobiWork, and QuickBooks Online can now agree on which kinds of data QuickBooks Online should share with MobiWork so you can keep certain data more private.

advanced integration between QuickBooks and MobiWork

Added Peace of Mind

If you remove the connector from QuickBooks Online, we automatically remove it from MobiWork as well. It's that simple. You control each of every aspect of your data.

Customer QuickBooks data can be easily disconnected from within QuickBooks or MobiWork.

Combine Multiple Work Orders

With MobiWork's QuickBooks connector, you have the ability to combine multiple work orders and then push them all as one invoice into QuickBooks.

combine multiple work orders using the MobiWork QuickBooks connector

Access all Versions of QuickBooks

MobiWork works with all versions of Quickbooks (including Quickbooks Online and Desktop) and their different plans. Even if you have a basic plan and certain features are not included in your plan, we can work around it.

Mobiwork's QuickBooks connector works with all versions of QuickBooks

Sync Custom Fields Into QuickBooks

MobiWork can also sync custom fields into QuickBooks, which in turn, could be linked back to MobiWork’s custom fields. So, when creating an invoice, we can incorporate custom fields to that invoice. For example, adding an internal tracking number.

sync custom fields into quickbooks
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