Field Services Software Feature: Work Orders

Work Orders

Digitally Manage Your Jobs From Beginning To End:

Bullet-proof & optimize your operations by digitally capturing & managing your work orders from beginning to end! All the information (job details, customer, quotes, past services, invoices, payments...) is readily available and all updates are immediately pushed to the entire organization and processed without delay. MobiWork keeps things simple and efficient for your field employees: each job has a predefined workflow that is easy to follow and that allows you to capture powerful, accurate, and consistent data (pictures, signatures, invoices, payments...) across your entire fleet! 

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Access From Anywhere At Anytime

Everyone has access to the latest information regardless of where you are, what device you use and when you need it

Everything You Need To Get The Job Done Right

Complete customer and job details along with step-by-step instructions to properly document, invoice accurately, and get paid faster!

Digitally Manage From Beginning To End

Eliminate inefficient and error-prone paper-based activities; all your orders are digitally managed and saved in one secure location

Creation From Anywhere & By Anyone

Jobs are easily created by your team in the office & in the field, your customers (web, customer portal & app), or automatically with recurrent services or APIs

Multiple Dispatching Capabilities

Multiple dispatching capabilities (drag & drop...) to send the best person (or team) at the best time for every job

Powerful Data Collection Capabilities

Capture critical information (location, signature, pictures, barcodes, QR code, RFID, parts used...) easily and accurately directly in the field!

Configurable Mobile Forms & Renderers

Intuitive (wizard, conditional logic, dependent fields...), paperless & configurable forms to eliminate double date entry, errors, & delays!

Invoicing & Payments

Invoice your customers accurately (correct parts, services & prices) and immediately to get paid faster!

Time Tracking

Recording time and labor is done seamlessly and MobiWork automatically assigns it to the corresponding customer and job

Job Costing

Capture all expenses (including justification and approval flows) in addition to capturing time, parts, & services performed

Workflows Automation

Easy to follow & configurable step-by-step instructions to make sure everyone knows what to do and in which order!

Works Offline

No connectivity? No problem! MobiWork is still available and all the information captured is automatically pushed when the connectivity is back!

Real-time Visibility & Updates

Monitor real-time statuses as technicians perform their work and immediately push any update to the schedules (e.g. new job, last minute change) to the field!

Multiple Work Order Types

Every job is different and MobiWork provides multiple configurable work order types to make sure each job is done, documented, and invoiced properly!

Fast & Responsive

MobiWork is optimized to go from work order creation to dispatching, execution, invoicing, payment collection, and reporting at the blink of an eye!

Easy To Learn & Use

Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly user interface with clear step-by-step indication of what must be done

Live Dashboards

Real-time visibility and insight to monitor and improve performance

Advanced & Configurable Reports

In-depth data reporting, visualization, and analysis to measure performance and optimize every aspect of your operations

Integration with Accouting, CRM & ERP Software

Multiple integrations with the most popular software to provide the ultimate end-to-end solution (and please contact us if you don't see your specific software)

Open & Standard Based APIs

State-of-the-art, secure, and well-documented inbound and outbound APIs to expand your solution with any cloud or on-premises 3rd party applications

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