Field Services Software Feature: Route Planning & Optimization

Route Planning & Optimization

Optimize Your Customer Visits To Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity & Profits :

MobiWork makes it easy to plan and optimize your customer visits to minimize overall driving distance. In addition to helping you organize the schedules of your team, minimizing the overall driving distance is a great way to reduce costs (less gas, wear & tear, maintenance...), increase productivity (less travel time), and profits (more time for revenue generating customer visits).  

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Route Optimization

MobiWork makes it very easy to optimize the route of a user directly from the schedules view

Optimization Constraints

MobiWork takes into account multiple constraints such as starting/ending locations, business hours, jobs duration, driving distances...

Safe and Secure

MobiWork lets you review the proposed changes & corresponding gains before applying any change to the schedules

Automated Real Time Updates

MobiWork also automatically updates and notifies your employees of any change on their schedule

Route Planning From Customers List: Selection

Easily create optimized routes for your entire team: select the list of customers to visit, the employees available...

Route Planning From Customers List: Validation

and MobiWork automatically builds optimized routes for your team to visit all the customers in the most efficient way possible

Route Planning From Jobs List

MobiWork also allows you to easily create optimized routes for your team from a simple list of work orders

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