Field Services Software Feature: Recurrent Routes

Recurrent Routes

Automatically generate optimized routes on a repetitive basis:

Recurrent routes allow you to specify a list of customer locations that should be visited in a given order (optimized to reduce travel distance) on a recurrent basis (e.g. every Tuesday...). Once set up, MobiWork will automatically create the corresponding work orders and dispatch them to their respective users and days. Recurrent routes are ideal for repetitive services such as maintenance, pest control, lawn management, pool servicing, supply chain, milk run, delivery & pick up services...  

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Powerful Management & Visualization

Powerful recurrent routes management and visualization capabilities

Automated Work Order Creation and Dispatching

Set them up once and MobiWork will automatically create the corresponding work orders moving forward

Streamlined Daily Workflow

Each day, your mobile worker simply follows the corresponding optimized route (including turn-by-turn navigation)

Real-time Route Overview

Management and operations also have real-time access to each driver location, route, and job status

Creation From Customers List

MobiWork can even automatically create optimized recurrent routes from your customers list

Manual Creation

Recurrent routes can also be created and maintained by hand for fine tuning

Creation From Excel & Inbound APIs

Existing recurrent routes can also be imported/exported in bulk via Excel and/or our REST APIs

Customers and Routes

Easily retrieve or modify the route(s) associated to each customer

Moving One Customer to Another Route

MobiWork makes it easy to move one customer from one route to another (e.g. when you need to rebalance your routes)

Find The Best Route for a New Customer

New customer? MobiWork finds for you the best recurrent route to serve that customer location

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