Field Services Software Feature: Quotes/Estimates

Quotes / Estimates

Quotes Management and Customers Approval Made Simple :

MobiWork makes it easy to quickly create accurate and professional looking quotes that can be sent instantly to your customer for their review and approval. Quotes can be created in the office, on the go, or in the field allowing your entire workforce to immediately capture any selling opportunities. Quotes are digitally managed from beginning to end (including the conversion of an approved quote to the corresponding job) with a streamlined and fail-proof process to help you manage and close more deals faster than ever! 

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Create Quotes and Get Approval Faster than Ever

Create professional looking quotes from anywhere and send them to your customer for review and online approval in a blink of an eye!

Create Quotes from Anywhere

Empower your employees to act quickly and capture any selling opportunities while in the field, on the go, or in the office!

Create Clear and Accurate Quotes

MobiWork allows you to clearly describe the work to be performed, provide details for each service and product, associate custom fields or even a configurable mobile form (photos, measurements...) to each quote so that the scope of work is clearly defined and accurately priced (and there won't be any issues or disagreements once the job is completed).

Create Error-Free Quotes

MobiWork uses the latest catalog pricing for each product and service for that specific customer (price list), applies any specific markup or discount, automatically adds any sales tax and computes the total amount, cost, and resulting profit. Say goodbye to manual errors!

Create Quotes from Previous Quotes or Template

Instead of starting from scratch, MobiWork allows you to use the last quote for that customer or a template (predefined quote with a list of services and products) to gain time, consistency, and quality across the entire organization.

Turnkey and Custom Quotes Presentations

MobiWork quotes have a built-in default presentation with your own brand and a more custom presentation such as multiple pages with pictures, table of contents... can also be implemented.

Quotes with Alternatives (Good / Better / Best)

MobiWork quotes can be configured to provide multiple alternatives such as "Good / Better / Best" or "Repair / Replacement"...

Quotes Approval with Email or Text Message

With a single push of a button, MobiWork sends an email or text message to your prospects so that they can review, provide feedback, and approve or reject your quote without any intervention from your team!

Quotes Approval with Customer Portal or App

MobiWork also provides a 24/7 self-service customer portal and app that your customers can use on their own from anywhere to review and approve quotes.

Managing Quotes

MobiWork gives you complete visibility and peace of mind with custom statuses, convenient saved searches, kanban view, reminders, notes, follow-ups, and automated approval management: no more back and forth, unnecessary delays, and lost opportunities!

Projected Revenues Funnel

Track projected revenues and actual conversions!

Streamlined Quotes Conversion After Approval

With one click, MobiWork automatically converts an approved quote into a work order, invoice, sales order... All your line items are automatically transferred and a link to the original quote with all its details is automatically added to the corresponding job for a flawless execution!

Referral Sources and Commissions

Track referral sources, revenues generated, ROI, and commissions to encourage and motivate your entire team!

Multiple Live Dashboards

Real-time visibility and insight to pro-actively monitor and manage all your quotes!

In-depth and Configurable Reports

In-depth data reporting, visualization, and analysis to measure performance and optimize every aspect of your operations.

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