Field Services Software Feature: Schedules


Managing schedules and keeping track of your field operations has never been so easy!:

MobiWork makes it easy to manage and optimize the schedules of your employees: double bookings, inefficient routes, lost jobs, or missed appointments are a thing of the past!  See at a glance what is planned, what has been done, and what is currently happening. Updates (new job, last minute change, job status, location...) are easily made and pushed in real-time to everyone, saving time on coordination (no more calls), streamlining administrative tasks, and reducing processing delays. 

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360° Live Views Of Your Field Operations

See at a glance what is planned, what has been done, and what is currently happening

Map-based View Of Your Routes

Visualize easily each route, the location of your employees, and your unassigned jobs

Timeline View With Live Job Status & Summary

Real-time visibility of your routes with color-coded job statuses and easily accessible summary

1-Click Access To The Latest Information

Access at any time the latest information and all the details of each job

List-based Views With Multiple Selection & Edit

List-based views to easily retrieve, access, and update multiple work orders in one shot

Intuitive Drag & Drop

Intuitive drag & drop to create or move a job to a later time or another user

Powerful Dispatching Capabilities

MobiWork provides multiple dispatching capabilities (including simple drag & drop) to best handle any situation (see Dispatching)

Simplified Work Orders Manipulation

MobiWork also makes it easy to manipulate your schedules such as easily moving jobs from one user to another (or to a different date...)

All Schedule Changes Are Pushed Immediately

All updates to the schedules (new job, last minute change...) is pushed in real-time to everyone: no more calls!

Real-time Updates From The Field

Any update from the field (job status change, form or invoice submitted...) is also pushed and processed in real-time

Calendar-based Views

Multiple views are also available to best fit your needs: daily, weekly, monthly, list, map, timeline...

1-Click Weather Visualization

Keep track of the current weather and forecast to plan and organize your routes

1-Click Users and Date Selection

Large organization? Advanced free-text and saved searches let you easily select a set of users or a specific date

TV / Monitor Display Mode

All views can also be displayed without headers (e.g. for a TV or a Monitor in a Control Center) and can automatically refresh

Bulk Import or Export with Excel or APIs

MobiWork also provides bulk export and import capabilities to easily create, update or export your schedules in Excel or with our programmatic APIs

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