April 2018

Honeywell Creates Wearable Finger Scanner For Businesses - Honeywell has created a wearable finger scanner for businesses called the 8680i Wearable Mini-Mobile Computer. The IoT device is designed to fit around the index and middle fingers simultaneously so that workers who are using it can have their hands free for other tasks, allowing them to be more efficient while still getting everything done. The small device is equipped with a scanner which makes it perfect for anyone who works in logistics and inventory positions and needs to scan things in. There are also two different models available - a standard model which comes with equipped with Bluetooth and an advanced model which comes equipped with Wi-Fi.
Both allow users to be more hands-free so that they don't waste time picking up handheld scanners every time they need to scan things in, but the advanced model allows workers to complete the scanning with just the Wearable Mini-Mobile Computer, while the standard model needs to be connected to a separate mobile computer through the Bluetooth connection so data can be transferred to the computing device. Honeywell boasts that by using this new device businesses can continue to streamline workflows and help shave time off the operations for workers by an amount of about six seconds, which is around the time it takes to pick up a handheld scanner and put it down.

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